What is the purpose of ECigStats?
ECigStats collects usage data on electronic cigarettes. It is designed to be manufacturer-neutral so any company can use it for their products. A lot of research and policy is done with too many suppositions and too little real-world data. Together, let's bring reality into the discussion.

What features does ECigStats offer?
This site is very much a work-in-progress, but we hope it's useful, and that it will become more useful in the future. Presently we only have aggregate statistics, but we'd like to be able to offer sorting by country and region, as well as trends over time. For people who link their e-cigarette to an account, we offer personalized statistics including estimates on total analog cigarettes not smoked, money saved, etc. On devices with puff recording, you can access individual puff recordings and download summaries of all of your puffs.

How is my usage data stored?
ECigStats is specifically architected so that its servers never receive a device serial number, ever. Instead, its client software performs a negotiation with the manufacturer's servers to generate a unique ID specific to the ECigStats server that you are connecting to. Our goal is to collect electronic cigarette usage statistics to be of service to you and to the public. No advertisers are involved. From what we can see, nobody is doing this, and somebody ought to.

How is the data on ECigStats reported?
The data is self-reported and so cannot be relied on entirely. That said, we want to make sure most people should get real value out of the site, so hopefully there will be a very limited number of people making automated button-pressers to get to a million puffs...

Is there anything I should know when interpreting this data?
Devices with fewer than two puffs per day are considered inactive and not included in statistics. Also, when interpreting the Puffs Per Day graph, keep in mind that if someone puffs 210 puffs per day on a device, but only one day per week, that device will appear to be used for 30 puffs per day. Because we don't have any day-by-day breakdown, and only measure when the device is plugged into a computer with ECigStats installed, this causes the Puffs Per Day graph to be rather skewed. Luckily, all of our other statistics are calculated per puff instead of per day and so do not suffer from this problem.

Do you have an API?
Yes. It is fairly rudimentary at present. If you would like a particular feature, feel free to contact us about it.

I have an idea for a chart!
Please contact us! We'll see if we can add it.

I have another question.
Please contact us!