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Software Changelog
Version 1.7
Added Evolv DNA 250 Color compatibility.

Version 1.4
Added the Surveys button.
ECigStats has been sold to Evolv. Moved ECigStats over to Evolv's cross-platform library, so that a future version can be included with the Mac version of EScribe Suite.

Version 1.2 SP2
Added the My Device button.
Changed the account linking model, so that you don't have to link every PC separately.

Version 1.1.1
Added contributed translation: German by Soulvape. Thank you!

Version 1.1
Added contributed translations: Chinese by SamMao, and Norwegian by Lars Simonsen. Thank you!
Added localization support. Right click Version: 1.1 in Options three times to get at the editing features.

Version 1.0
First public version.
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